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Starbride facial Package

Experience our all pampering Bridal Facial Package, meticulously curated to leave wit a radiant and flawless complexion for your special day. This indulgent package features a Collagen infusion microcurrent Facial. Our Radio Frequency treatment stimulate collagen production and tighting and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The facial  Microdermabrasion exfoliates and renews the skin revealing a revitalized skin. The Hydrafacial a multistep facial that will leave your skin luminous and moisterized.Concluding your bridal journey with our  Bridal Shower Party We Call it SPArty. 

     Please Visit Plan-Pricing Page to Book it Today!

Starbride Full Body Sculpt & Facial Package

Indulge in the ultimate bridal pampering experienaced

with this package you will find yourself fitting into your beautiful bridal dress in very short time and with the right body conturing and the smoothe skin you will have all the inclusive facials this package provides.

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Bride on the Beach
Adjusting Necktie

The Groom

Elevate the Groom grooming game with our exclusive Groom's Facial & Body Sculpting Package Called


Designed to enhance his natural charm and radiance . This package offers a luxurious escape tailored specifically for him. Includes body sculpting for two parts and facials along the way to make him feel included in the Wedding Process.

Also, We are offering a special day SPA party for the STARGROOM that can be purchase apart from the STARGROOM Package.

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Sacred Heart Bridal Package

A SPA Day With That Special Person Closer to the Bride

The "Sacred Heart Bridal Package" is the perfect way for you and the bride to celebrate this significant milestone in your lives. It does not matter if is groom & bride or mother & bride or bride and made of honor; can be anyone sacred to brides heart. It's just a day of relaxation, pampering, and quality time spent together as the bride prepare to walk down the aisle. We are committed to ensuring that this day is truly memorable and leaves you both feeling radiant and cherished.

Treat yourselves to the Sacred Heart Bridal Package, and let us pamper you from head to toe as you embark on this new chapter in your lives.

Please Visit Plan-Pricing Page to Book it Today!

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